feed the children| nassan ibrahim ministries

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We are already involved in both agricultural and animal farming. The goal is to help and support the feeding of the many children and orphans.Another aim is to raise money locally to support mission�s endeavors and the schools. This will also allow us to raise money to assist missions and schools locally.

We believe God to buy the 1000 acres of land for growing maize, beans, potatoes, peanuts, rice, pineapples, matooke, and rare goats. This produce would help fund school children, mission support, and classroom construction on a local level.

Once a month, Nassan Ministries feeds people in an open air setting and provide the good news of Jesus. We would like to increase this program to a once a week program. We need donations for cooking supplies and food.

Also, on behalf of the child soldiers who need a home and healing, please sign World Vision's The Children Should Never Be Soldiers Declaration @ www.worldvision.org/nochildsoldiers