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Give A Bicycle Project
It's difficult to believe that an bicycle is beyond the financial means of thousands of pastors in developing countries especially uganda, but when your income is less than two dollars per day, $120 is about three month's income. The amount of a bicycle is a small sacrifice for most Christians in Western nations, but it can result in a huge blessing for church-planters around the world. And when a national evangelist rides his new bicycle to a remote, unreached area, the one who provided the bicycle shares in the joy of his success in making new disciples.

In rural east and western uganda, evangelists often find that people are open to the Good News of Jesus. The spiritual and physical needs of people in rural communities provide pastors with many opportunities for prayer and for practical ministry. Your gift of a bicycle saves hours of time for pastors and evangelists who must otherwise walk from village to village. A bicycle makes it possible for a Christian leader to visit villages more frequently and share the gospel with more people.

Nassan Ibrahim Ministries buys bicycles for Pastors, Missionaries, and Evangelists throughout uganda. Our goal is to give 1000 bicycles to pastor and ministers to help win more lost and hurting people to Jesus!. See our Donations section if you would like to help with this bicycle project or click Donation Button below to make a donation now.

In partnership with Nassan Ibrahim Ministries, GIVE A BICYCLE PROJECT is seeking 1000 bicycles. Of course, You can provide for more, or you can provide whatever you are able to give.

Thank you for your generosity that allows us to continue our shared mission.